V  Haskia vom Bierstadter Hof  IPO 2, KKL A1/A1



Haskia is a strong gorgeous, female. She is daughter to VA1 Ober von Bad-Boll. She is imported from Germany and "V" rated as well as IPO 2. She is a proven producer of show quality puppies.



SG Brishka di Casa Ortiz  OFA "GOOD"







Brishka is a beautiful female. She is good with other pets, great with children and is wonderful in the house.

She is an energetic female that loves to play ball.

She is also a protector.

She is a well balanced, very affectionate female.  

She is the complete package, beauty, brains, and confidence.

Lexis vom Gutter Mannes OFA "GOOD"





Lexis is  a very maternal female. She absolutely adores children. She prefers to be around  them. She is very affectionate to people of all ages. She seeks out companionship and affection. She is an excellent mother to her puppies and she is happiest when she is with her babies, either human or canine.

Hedy Vom Nord Wind  "HEIKE"  OFA "GOOD"




Heike is an import from Hungry. She is a large female weighing over 80 pounds.  She is very calm and laid back. She likes to lay under a tree and relax. She is good with children and she gets along well with other dogs.

Heike has a gorgeous thick, silky coat and will sometimes have long coats in her litter.