Puppy buying process

The first step in purchasing a puppy from us is a phone interview.

I require a telephone conversation prior to placing a deposit. I will not do this via text or email. I will need to hear your voice!After our phone communication you may choose to place your deposit.


Deposits are placed to hold a puppy that is the sex of your choice. 

A deposit will hold your position in a "pick order". Pick order is determined by when the deposit was received. Buyers have the option of placing a deposit when a pregnancy is confirmed via ultrasound or xray, or after the puppies are born.


If the sex of your choice is not available your deposit is fully refunded or you may choose to transfer it to a future litter.

As the breeder, I retain the right to decide to keep a puppy. If I choose to do that I will be placed first in the pick order above any deposits.


Once a decision is made by you to place a deposit I will provide you with a deposit contract to be signed by both of us and I will accept a check, cash, paypal or money order in the amount of $250.00. This will be deducted from the total purchase price.

This deposit is non refundable unless the sex of the puppy you chose is not available for any reason. This deposit will not be refunded if you change your mind, or if you are financially unable to complete the purchase.  However, I will transfer this deposit to a future litter  one time only.


After the deposit is received your place in the pick order is held. I will then maintain communication with you via call, text or email updating you on the puppies temperaments, development, traits, and health. I will also provide photos upon request.


The picking process usually happens between 5-6 weeks of age. You are encouraged to come in person during that time to choose your puppy. If you are unable to attend in person I will gladly help you choose the puppy by using my professional opinion on which is best suited for your lifestyle, or I will aid you in your choice by providing you videos of the puppies.


~PUPPY PACKAGE: Your puppy will come home with a puppy folder containing a Sales Contract, AKC PET registration forms, health documents providing a record of vaccines, worming's and any relevant health information, New Puppy  tips brochure, food and additional literature.