My girlfriend and I recently purchased a male from Klarenfeld Shepherds. Our experience has been extremely positive. Leslie has been very informative and very quick to answer any and all questions since bringing Maverick into our home. After doing months of research on breeders and after speaking with Leslie it was clear to see that this is a top quality breeder of West German, German Shepherds. Their dogs have excellent health clearances and and Leslie takes breeding very serious to ensure you are purchasing a quality puppy. She truly cares about all her puppies well after they leave her care. My girlfriend and I have been chased down by people commenting on how handsome Maverick is. I recommend Klarenfeld Shepherds to anyone I meet and look forward to purchasing another puppy from her in the near future.


                  Pennsylvania State Trooper

                                         Brian R.

The statement, “Dogs are a man’s best friend” could not be any truer after acquiring our
German Shepherd, Sienna, from Klarenfeld Shepherds. After months of research, we knew what to look for in the dogs, breeding practices and the breeder to provide confidence in the dog we
would choose. Klarenfeld Shepherds fit the description for all categories. All the dogs have
excellent genetic profiles and desirable qualities necessary for an outstanding German
Shepherd. The breeding process is carefully controlled to ensure only the best and healthiest
Shepherds are bread. Most importantly, the breeder provided complete transparency and
honesty throughout the entire process. The breeder was always willing to answer questions and
provide advice about what has worked with their dogs before. One of the most convincing
moments for us prior to purchasing our dog was the phone conversation we had with the
breeder where we truly got a sense of how passionate they were about the well-being of their dogs. Sienna has grown into an incredibly intelligent, loving, and well-behaved shepherd with all people and dogs she’s has met. She continues to amaze us with her retention of new skills and desire to serve her family. We are beyond grateful for the joy and happiness our dog has added to our lives. We look forward to adding another furry friend to our family in the near future!
                                                                                                                                         Alex B. and Catherine R.